Thursday, May 7, 2009

1st Week of Lecture

First class of action research by Dr. Siti Fatimah opened my eyes about this new type of research that involves oneself in the research. Usually, a research is based on a number of samples (other things, or other people) but action research is different. It involves the researcher as he or she searched about the best method to overcome problems pertaining her action and in my context, as a teacher.

When a teacher teaches, he or she will always be presented with various problems, be it academic (about the subjects that she teaches) or attitudes of his/her students. Every teacher has develop his/her own methods to overcome these problems but to make it useful for others to imply on their students, some sort of academic papers (in this case, action research) need to be done.

Action research consist of cycles as methods to overcome problems can always be improved on. This will make the research better and better and hopefully the solutions will be the best at the end of the research. Thirst for knowledge will lead someone nearer to what we called 'Hikmah' that only can be given by Allah, our God.